Custom Website Design – Do’s and don’ts

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August 30, 2018 By Inceptive Design

Designing a customized website is a tricky matter. There are A LOT of things that needs to be considered before getting it done. Be it a personal blog or e-commerce store, client may brief you that they require a flashy website along with textures and designs – but it is the duty of a designer to set-in the right direction and make sure it looks super professional and sensational.

Some of the top notch custom website designers has suggested/recommended the following website principles to elude web design snags:


  • Do make sure that the user will have a friendly browsing experience.
  • Don’t make it look complicated

While structuring the layout of a website – be original! Make sure all the tabs and other clickable items are direct and easy to understand, because obviously you do not want your user to wander around helplessly without any direction.

Color Arrangement

  • Do make a clever color selection to magnify your website content.
  • Don’t select the color just because you like it.

Colors have a psychological impact on the viewer – therefore, they matter a lot. You need to make sure to have a smart choice of color selection that can influence the viewer with your website and enhance your brand perception.

Distribution of Space

  • Do make sure that every area of your website is symmetrical and covers all the aspects.
  • Don’t create a mess by putting a lot of things in one area and making it look over-crowded.

Do not fear the white space. Be creative and distribute your content smartly. You would definitely want your viewer to have a pleasant experience, so make sure to create a nice flow of content/images between different areas.

Content Creation

  • Do create a targeted content strategy.
  • Don’t impose content as it turned out to be vague.

Content is considered as the greatest asset for your custom website design. Make sure to follow a strategic point of view for your content keeping in focus the right vocabulary and right phrases to inspire the maximum audience.

Font Selection

  • Do select a font that not just complement your brand but also pleases the eyes of user.
  • Don’t think that all fonts look the same.

Being a website designer, it is important for you to identify the right font for your website because almost every font is associated with different background or culture, and fonts have the power to create a particular atmosphere. Therefore, choose the right font to strengthen your website.

Images and Animations

  • Do use high-quality images along with a slight touch of motion for your website.
  • Don’t use cheap quality images and don’t overload the animations (viewers find it annoying).

If you seriously want your viewers to like you then make sure your custom website design has good quality graphics and standardized animations/videos (say no to unnecessary distractions).

All a user want is a smooth experience otherwise they’ll move to your competitors (which are only a Google search away). You need to be serious about design decisions and now that you’ve read all the above instructions – you’re good to go!

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